I've spent over a decade dealing with difficult problems in the context of starting and building an international human rights organisation, doing engineering and product development in startups and FTSE500 companies. I occasionally (~2 per year) consult for a variety of organisations, from NGOs to startups, on topics I've spent a lot of time on.

Engagements typically fall into the following categories:

  • Political Consulting

    With a decade's experience in working in civil society organisations and studying the politics of the MENA region, I consult for NGOs and international organisations on the topics of behaviour of authoritarian states, disinformation, foreign policy, human rights in the MENA region, and digital security practices for individuals and small teams

    You can get an idea of my political perspectives on the MENA region from my book The Middle East Crisis Factory (co-written with Iyad El-Baghdadi).
  • Organisational Consulting

    ⁠My expertise is in helping young or growing organisations develop, with all that it entails from the simple problems of institutionalising efficient processes to the hard problems of organisational culture, and big-picture strategy development. I've done this with both startups and nonprofits.

    Areas of particular interest are transition to remote or asynchronous work, development or improvement of organisational workflows and processes, and knowledge management for expert teams with high-levels of information flow.

If you think my experience fits the problems you're facing well, then I'll probably enjoy helping you solve your problems. Get in touch on ahmed [at]